APRIL Akashic Record Lesson: The Awakening

Here it comes a gentle wave riding forward, hitting the ocean, hitting the beach, hitting all sides in which it impacts. The bubbling sounds, the gurgling underneath, there’s so much life in a single wave. It is this force that propels us forward, this underlining current as we fight for who we are, as we come face-to-face with those who disagree, with those who seem to take a separate path, with those who appear to be so different from ourselves.

Yet underneath, we are all combined. We are all one. And this radiant energy that is moving forward, moving out from every direction is deep inside of us all. The coming days will be those of intensity. They will unfold, bind back up and explode into the sky. Explosions and loud drills, those beating their chests in protest. Truth is rising to the surface. Not only do we see it plastered across our news screens. But we feel it deep in the insides of us.

We too, are waking up. We too, are coming alive. We too, are looking around and saying no more, this isn’t fair, this won’t stand. This isn’t enough. Our morals are changing. Our undoing is becoming our greatest strength. For it is peeling back the eyelids that have been shut for so long. Those that have allowed us to walk forward in unison with our heads bowed down not knowing in which direction we were headed. Allowing others to make the decisions and simply having to deal with the outcome.

But these systems are breaking down. For our eyes, they are opening. And we are beginning to see so much greater than we ever did before. Our senses are coming alive. We are beginning to feel. This is an Awakening. This is a time that is beckoning us unto ourselves, unto who we are at the very core of ourselves. No longer can we lie languid allowing the tides to pull us out deep into the ocean. No, we will fight back. We will stand for what it is that we believe. We will lay boundaries. We will learn to use our voices. We will learn to lead with our hearts. This is only the beginning. The drum has begun to beat. The birds are singing loudly and sound is returning to each and every one of us. The time is coming. The call is coming.

“Wake up, wake up.” she says. As the wind blows through our hair. For there is much to say here, there is much that must rise to the surface. There is much in this undoing that will provide us the steady ground upon which to build, upon which to lay new foundations. It is starting, it is coming. It is the rise of the sun, the beat of the drum. It is the energy you feel in the air. Life is returning.”

To listen to the April Akashic Lesson and dive into the Akashic energy, check out the podcast featuring an intro and integration, click HERE.



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Ahna Hendrix

Ahna Hendrix


Spiritual Guide. Intuitive Channel. Podcaster. When you invest in yourself, the world benefits. Check out my Soul Driven Podcast http://ahnahendrix.com