An Akashic Message For These Times

Togetherness is the only way forward

Ahna Hendrix
7 min readNov 14, 2022

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post! Where has the past week or so gone? Oh yes, the ELECTION. And the lunar eclipse. And. Annnd.

Keeping up in these times seems to get harder and harder — am I alone in feeling this?

I have so much to catch you up on!

More on that later.

For now, I have a powerful message from the Akashic Records to share with you.

Friends, leading up to the elections — I had agonized about what to share. I wanted to help. I wanted to support. But nothing was coming forward and I know better than to force my channelings.

However, in the midst of a breathwork session, a podcast episode theme arrived, and then I was prompted to open the Records. It was so spontaneous that I simply recorded it on my phone.

Togetherness: Is the Only Way Forward is the name of the episode if you’d like to check it out and listen to the audio version of this channeling. It’s NOT a light & love version of how to proceed, but rather a sober look at what’s ailing us, and an insightful change in perspective.

Suffice it to say, this Akashic message may cause some triggering. It’s not only about our current time but the future to come, and what I saw are rough roads ahead.

For some of us, the midterm elections have given us hope, but we must not forget that although we’re almost through this stage, more is to come. That is because BOTH sides are corrupt, each carry consequences, and until we clear the chessboard and rebuild from the ground up — the system that built these sides will still be standing.

In addition, the cracks between those who are evolving through these times and those who are not is widening. And unfortunately, many will be left behind. These could be people we deeply care about but with whom we no longer align, and we must respect these changes. All serves a purpose. These can be devastating shifts and if you’re experiencing them, simply do your best to reside in compassion. Everyone is on their own spiritual path and ALL are equally important.

Regardless, everything is working out for our benefit.

If there’s a particular topic you would like me to ask the Akashic Records about, please share in the comments. I’ll channel for those I’m intuitively led to do so.

Also, I would love to know how this message resonates with you! What stands out for you? Would love to hear your feedback.

As always, I pray this serves.

“There are a lot of clanging bells going around these days.

Yes, they’re being beat from side to side–two standing on opposite sides of each other. One person here, one person there. Banging that bell back and forth, back and forth. A big, loud sound. A long cry. An echo of all that was, and all that will be.

Do you see the crack in that bell?

From all of the clinging and banging. The ways in which they keep hitting it harder and harder,

yet it doesn’t go far. Nor does it move. It simply makes a lot of sound.

That is what is taking place on the planet at this time.

There is so much sound. Aand yet truly the ripples of life are proceeding forward as they always have. There are ebbs and flows. Things rush in and rush out. They climb peaks and valleys. They rise and fall.

This is what is occurring at this time.

And that is why it feels as if at times you are on a roller coaster — shuffling down deep, speeding along faster and faster. That drop within your heart. As it falls down so far before jumping back up again.

These are not the times in which to be making decisions — from a place that is not grounded, settled. Deep into the earth. Deep into Mother Earth. For she will ground you and settle you in moments such as these. But know that her own shaking, yes, this too is shuffling along at its own speed. It is doing its own cracking. For she too is a mirror of all that is upon her.

Everything is a mirror.

Have you not learned this yet? Have you not seen the great wisdom in it?

For each and every one of you are surrounded by your own world, making that world. Speeding along at your own pace. You have no idea what’s going on around you because all you can see is what is around you. Yet there is so much more.

Know that these rhythms and paces must occur at this time. For the earth has taken too much upon her, and now she too must crack and burst with all of the restless energy that you have been feeling within yourselves. It is a rising up, flowing lava. It is a total destruction taking place.

Yes, yes — in one place at a time.

Know that there will be much that continues to exist past this. But first, you must make the choice to get through this. To walk on solid ground. To stay connected to your heart. To not allow your mind to take over or to lose itself in the ravines of fear.

But to see with open eyes, all that is happening around you. For it is time that things must change. There is a cracking that must come together, must come together if two wishes to become one. If one wishes to walk this planet in all her beauty. Without fear of what is happening below. This is a coming together.

Hands will be reached out for other hands. Stranger hands. Hands that wouldn’t have been touched before, yet now will come together in numbers. Yes, yes — great numbers.

In this, we welcome you into this space, knowing that it is through togetherness that is the only way forward.

Putting one foot in front of the other. Opening up your ears to hear the stories you wish to ignore. Opening your hearts to people you wish to close them to. Reaching out your hands to pick up someone else as you too will be picked up along the way.

Friends and family, strangers. Enemies. Those across border lines. Yes, yes, those borders will mean nothing before much longer. Nothing, nothing we say.

For there is nothing that can prevent and stop the wave that has begun taking place on the planet.

We share this, not to put you in fear, but to alert you in these times to once again — the gravity, the importance, a huge enormity of settling yourself. Of becoming grounded in who you are. For if not, the tyranny, the pain, the energy will overtake you. And you will be left holding nothing.

These words are not rooted in fear for that is never where our messages come from. But empowerment as this Channel has always shared. To empower you in the days ahead, to allow you to see into the future with your own heart. To open your eyes for that is what must happen.

But in the midst of this, forgiveness must take place.

Decisions must be made. Will you come together in these times or further divide yourselves? Know that there is a part of the population that is dying down for, they are choosing to step deep into the ground. Deep into places from which they cannot be lifted up. That is their choosing. Know that they are on their own path.

You must respect it. Knowing that you too were there at one point in time or another. Knowing that you too. Are capable of residing there, if you allow the fears to overtake you.

This is why you must stand tall, stand firm, and not allow yourself to be overtaken by that which is happening all around you.

You must live from a place of love. You must do from a place of love.

For it is only through love that you will be able to see the other side. The sun that is piercing up through the earth and coming into the sky. A beautiful sunrise.

Even now, you are beginning to feel it on your skin. But much time must pass before it is shining brightly overhead.

Once again, this is not shared to insight fear, but to alert you to the seriousness of what we share.

For if you ignore it and continue walking forward on your own steady path, the path that you believe you are walking. Know that there will come a day when you look back and you see that you could have made a different decision. That you could have gone a different way. And the path leading to where you’ll be at in that moment could have been much easier for you.

For we only wish to show you love and care. To offer you steadiness as you walk along. To know that we are your helping hand, guiding you along the way through the darkness, the fog, the heaviness that now surrounds.

You are never alone. We are always here.

The Akashic. Christ’s consciousness. The infinity of love that comes directly from God above. Surrounds you like a windstorm at all times.

Know that as you proceed forward, things will begin occurring at an unsteady pace. The time is now. The moment is now. Do not neglect it or look away.

Sink your fingers and toes into the truth of what we say.

Open your hearts to see how it resides within.

And know that yes, you can and will make it through these times.”

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