An Akashic Message About What’s Really Happening in Ukraine

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Last week, I felt called to ask the Akashic Records for an update on Ukraine. It felt like enough time had passed since my prior readings. And even more so, it felt like the energy was shifting — I wanted to know what was going on.

What they shared isn’t what I was expecting, but certainly didn’t negate the importance of the message or the power behind it. The wisdom of the Records continues to astound me and in every way, I am thankful for it.

If you missed the two prior readings:

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I pray this serves and reminds us of the impact we can have on this planet at any moment.

What is happening in Ukraine — can you give us an update?

“There are quite a few things going on here. Many different hands are being thrown in the pile. Yes, they’ve all got something to say. Something to bring to the table.

They want to speak their truth. But what is truth in the midst of battle?

Is it a perspective? A viewpoint? A way of looking at things? Or is it about what’s really going on?

Then again, who can say what is really going on?

For there are so many opinions flying around, so many different ideas. But they are overlooking what is most important at this time, which is that lives are being taken. Homes are being ruined. Pillage is taking place.

And yet the outside world sits back, waits, and watches for something else to happen before saying they will get involved. Because everyone is looking out for their own skin, which we understand.

For there are only so many things that you can do when someone else who’s bigger and stronger decides to go after someone who is weaker, not as capable at protecting themselves.

At its purest form, this is what is happening.

Countries around the world aren’t so involved that they are willing to risk their own neck for the lives of others or for a country that they have no real connection with. Yet that isn’t what’s most important.

What’s most important is knowing that although there might not be a specific relationship, when one sees mankind falling hungry, in need, in despair, so few will stop to take care of him.

We are reminded of the parable in the Bible about the man who lay on the road for days. Several passed him by. But one man — a man who was considered to be impure — was the one who stopped by, picked him up, nursed him, used his own money and time to help get this man back on his feet.

Yet this simple lesson has been lost amongst mankind. For now, there is so much red tape. So many boundaries that they cannot cross. So many things that pop into their minds prevent them from taking action when action should be taken.

We will not take sides in this crisis, of course. It is not our job.

But what we will say is that if you step back and look at it in its most simplified form, this is not only what is taking place on the grand landscape of this planet but what takes place in the everyday.

For so many walk by the homeless. So many ignore their friends and family’s requests for help and assistance. So many are not interested in stopping their day. Putting their priorities on hold for the lives of others.

No, this is not something that they will do.

Yet it is what is being asked of mankind at this time — to see within the crisis of Ukraine — a reflection of your own inner selves. Your inability to reach out to others. Selfish thoughts. Scarcity mindsets. Ideas that if you do not take, take, take, then someone else will take from you.

Of course, if this is what you think then this is what will happen. But when it comes to what is happening in Ukraine, it is teaching us all a lesson about how to improve our daily lives. How to begin going about things in a different way. How to realize that mankind is also your kind, my kind, our kind. That we are all inextricably linked. Yes, separate. In so many ways.

What is taking place in Ukraine is devastating. Yet it is what must happen. For you will begin seeing more and more political breakdowns, wars of all sizes, systems breaking, things occurring as we move forward in time.

For you, the Reader — when you see these things, consider your own life. Especially if you are considering what it is that you can do to help. Become aware of how you can give back in your own life. What it is that you can do on a daily basis to assist those around you. To spread more love. To do more for others. And of course, this is not about getting out of balance. For it’s so important at this time that you are nourishing yourself. Getting rest. Eating foods that nourish. Doing things for yourself that nourish the mind, body, soul, spirit. For these times are not easy. Yet you have signed up to be here. And you’re doing so is the only reason that you are here.

You chose to help. You chose to be a part.

Now, will you wake up enough to fulfill that choice?

Will you become a member of the world once again?

Stepping outside of yourself so that you might serve those around you when you are called. It could be as simple as having patience with someone who cuts you off in traffic. Or as complex as taking someone into your home who has lost everything.

There are so many ways to give back. There are so many things that can be done.

We do not judge you in this. And one act is no greater than another. It is simply about the intention to love and serve. To have compassion for. To give room and space. For being human to another.

For you all fall short on this planet Earth. Yet you all are equally Divine. No one is greater than another.

Send love from your heart to the people of Ukraine and those suffering in Russia as well. Do not see them as separate. But as one.

Those who are suffering in the midst of this egoic game between two powers for control, know that there is so much beneath — the rhetoric, news, opinions, and ideas of what is happening in Ukraine.

Know that you will never fully know the truth. And in that, reserve your opinions of hatred, disgust, dislike and instead focus on sending love to all of those involved. Even the figures that you have reason enough to hate. Regardless of who they are, it does not matter. For they too, are parts of you.

Focus on the love in this debacle. See how it relates to your own private life.

Aim to serve those around you.

And you will see how all of this comes together.”



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