An Akashic Message About Uvalde & Mass Shootings in the US

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If I’m honest, when I heard the news about the Uvalde school shooting, a part of me felt numb. “Another one” was my first reaction. Yes, I recognize how horrible that was. How disconnected. But after so many shootings, How am I supposed to feel? And who gets to decide that?

However, another part of me knows that all earthly devastation serves a purpose. I don’t understand these purposes. I don’t agree with how many of them go down. But this truth is something I’ve always intuitively known, so I perceive them differently.

Instead of only considering the pain of the victims and their families, I ponder the shooter — what type of person plans to kill children? What state of mind was he in to take so many lives? Why did he feel compelled to do this?

He must have known unbelievably pain. He must have lived without love. He must have felt totally hopeless.

And that’s when my heart begins to bleed.

Because the shooter is symptomatic of something much greater than what is being discussed right now.

I don’t waste time pointing fingers at red or blue or taking sides — this is so much deeper. The polarity game only distracts us from finding a solution.

And there is a solution.

But all I have to offer at this time is what the Akashic Records shared with me when I went to them trying to understand.

They brought me peace. And they brought me delight as I saw so clearly that some of these children will step into leadership roles one day and be the changemakers this planet needs. Then late last night I read an article about a girl who was involved in the shooting. She told her parents that she was going to become a lawyer to ensure these things didn’t happen again.

Sometimes it takes pain. But there is always a purpose.

I ask for your openness in reading this message as some of it may not be easy to hear. However, it does not diminish the truth that we are all One.

This is a multi-faceted problem that stems from so many directions. It was one of the hardest messages for me to channel to date because I’m not able to channel in 3D the way I experience the Records. This is the 2D version, but I pray it offers your heart warmth. And that it serves you in whatever way is most needed at this time.

And if you would like to listen to this reading, tune into the podcast audio HERE.

What can you share about the mass shootings and what happened in Uvalde? Why are these mass shootings taking place? What purpose are they serving?

The truth is that it is too grand for you to even question these things. Yet we know in the midst of pain and blood, in lives lost — everyone wants to know why. Why?

Yet the why is so multifaceted that it is difficult to channel through a clear answer. But we will share with you what we can.

First, we would like to say that everything serves a purpose. There is not one life lost. There’s not one pain felt. There’s not even one tear that does not serve a purpose.

Know that these lives lost were here on this planet doing what they came to do. And any time a group of people exit this planet at the same time together, it is because they have chosen to do so.

To continue lightening the load on the Earth. Raising the vibration. Allowing for more space to be felt. Allowing for more cries to be heard. And acting even in the midst of it.


Change that takes place on the micro and the macro level.

Change that takes place within the heart.

Change that enables one to turn on, to look within, to review their actions and decisions.

And even now as we speak, so many across the country are considering this:

How have I taken part in what it is that is going on around me?

How have I, too, played a role? What have my actions been?

What can my actions be in the future moving forward? As so much of life comes towards me.

These are things to sit with at this time. To review. Take in.

Please know that the precious lives lost at Uvalde and all of those affected are again, for a purpose.

Know that the children who witnessed these events will never be the same. Yes, some will lose themselves in sadness, while others will utilize their rage to make changes upon this planet.

Rest in this faith knowing that these children, these leaders of the future (those who have been privy to being up close and personal to these situations) will be making their way to positions, to places, that can enact great change upon this planet.

And that is why they are happening.

Know this is not a decision that comes from the Universe. Know that the Universe would never will this to be. For God and our Creator wish nothing but the best. But in that wishing “nothing but the best” does not take part. But simply stands at the sidelines. Cries with those who have lost a loved one. Wraps arms around the hearts that are broken.

Allow yourselves to be broken in these times. Nurture that brokenness. And choose to do differently.

Pay attention to the decisions that you are making at this time. For they are so important to what the future will hold. An entire nation cannot change overnight, but it surely can within a few generations.

Know that this is what is taking place at this time — change is unfolding.

And unfortunately, it must come through pain.

For pain is what most seems to wake people up these days. Knock them out of their own worlds.

Gets them to appreciate what it is that they have.

Also, know that it is the Collective grieving. The Collective that does not know its place. That cannot find its heart. That feels lost, broken, and abandoned. That is coming through these very individuals who are the perpetrators of these events.

Feel pity for them. Pray for them. For they carry the energy of all that is around them.

Know that it is not evil that drives these events. Although evil plays a part on this earth.

But what is evil? Is it an act? Or is it looking in the other direction?

These two are of the same ilk. There is not one that is better than the other. No, they are the same. This is why within the Bible, Jesus spoke of ALL sins being one in the same.

These events happen so that you might come together.

These events happen so that you might review who it is that is in charge.

These events happen to wake you up.

These events happen to call you to stand on alert. To be aware. To start taking an active place among those around you.

Those who are ruling this planet at this time do not have your best interest in mind. Know that yet even they are serving their own purpose. But there are many within the United States that wish to pull puppet strings. That do not want to lose their places of power. Do not want to give up the steady streams of money that come their way.

These things are for you to uncover. For you to choose to see clearly that the United States was created for the corporations. For those in charge. It never meant to be “equal for all” even though there were those involved who did intend for this.

For equality did not reign supreme even in those times. It was for the fortuned few.

America, in fact, was built by those who could actually make it there. It was not for everyone.

These deep roots are in all things. And you know what they are.

How much longer will you choose for them to be in power?

How much longer will you lose your time getting lost in the polarizing debates, instead of choosing to carve a new path. A new way forward.

Again, we leave you with, “All things serve a purpose.

Please do not weep for these children. But celebrate their names. Celebrate what their lives have done for others in waking them up. In shaking them out of a cold and steady stream. A life that is on auto-drive.

Take advantage of these times. See what they have for you. Learn how to utilize them for the road ahead.

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