An Akashic Message About Health & Wellbeing

If you don’t feel good in your body, self-love will be very difficult

Ahna Hendrix
9 min readSep 9, 2022
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Since I found myself in the midst of the worst burnout I’ve ever experienced, health became my top priority. I’ve been spending time away from screens, clearing my schedule, getting some sleep, and putting in the time to fully understand how I ended up in such disarray.

That last one is huge. I come from a family of workaholics, it’s in my nature. And especially because I’m an intense person, when I find purpose — it’s game over. I go ALL in. And since my current work is the purpose I’ve been looking for my entire life, it’s HARD not to give everything to it.

But it’s not worth my health. And for me, that’s a major statement because up until this burnout, I would have said, eh — I’ll be fine.

No more.

This time has been invaluable because for the first time, I’m letting this burnout teach me instead of trying to hurry through it. I’m letting it show me where I got lost and asking for its wisdom to teach me how to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

All of this lead me back to an Akashic Record reading I channeled for The Confidence Series, an epic course I launched in June, and will be relaunching this Fall.

The fourth week’s topic was Health & Wellbeing (Embodiment & Self Care) and even while channeling so much content for the course, this particular week’s message impacted me.

Recently, I found myself called back to it as I was contemplating health, wellbeing, what they would look like for me, and how to prioritize them in my life.

What is shared below is only the first question from the week’s channeling, but as you’ll see — it offers PLENTY.

As we move forward in this planet’s evolution, in our own evolution, we’ve got to make self-care a top priority. No more running ourselves into the ground. No more filling our schedules because we can. No more responding to every. single. question. about how we are with “busy”.

Otherwise, we’ll fall apart as the tensions rise. As the intensity deepens. As chaos ensues. We MUST have our health to not just make the journey but to ENJOY it.

And friends, we CAN enjoy it. Join me in this endeavor to take better care of ourselves because as I’ve been guided, “When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.”

As always, I hope it serves.

What do we most need to know about having confidence in our health and well-being?

Health and well-being are really two different subjects. But of course, you know this.

When we consider health, we consider the physical body. What it is that’s happening within it? How it’s flowing, running? Is it capable of doing the things it needs to do? Does it feel good? Is it healthy?

Versus well-being which is more of a state of being. A general overall being.

Do you feel that you are living your life from a place of well-being? Or do you feel that things are off, unsteady, kinked up, not worked out?

Yes, yes. These are the many rhythms of living and well-being.

One is either doing so successfully or not so much. But the two of them together, they are different, yet they support one another. For if one does not have health, then one cannot experience well-being. And in order for one to have confidence in either of these, they have to both be in working order. That means in order for you to experience confidence in your well-being or in your health, it should be something that you are currently living out in your everyday.

Yes, there are actions that must be taken on both sides. So let us speak into health first.

In order to have confidence in your health, this is going to mean that you take care of yourself. Let you put your body first. That you think about the way it wants to eat, how it mixes with food. Which ones serve it, and which do not?

Then about movement. Are you moving your body? Are you working those energetic patterns in and out of your body through exercise and movement? This can be walking briskly, or it can be working out with weights in a gym. Whichever you choose, true health is attained when the heart beats fast. Then it can experience some cardiovascular health.

Pure movement for the sake of movement isn’t necessarily the same thing. It really does depend. But we do not want to judge what it is that you do. For one person will prefer dance, while another will prefer weights. Both work wonderfully.

Then also when it comes to health, there is the upkeep. The regular tests. Going to the doctor. Checking on your body to see how it’s working. How things are running for you? Whether it is your hearing or the blood flowing through your veins. They can be of great assistance in this area.

But whatever the case may be, health isn’t something you just drop into. It requires daily actions. Daily decisions. And yes, yes, we know it can be quite a burden to remember to handle all these things in the midst of so many other things. Yet it is vital and important for you to do so if you wish to experience confidence in regard to your health.

When it comes to your well-being, it is taking the physical and adding more steps to it. It is a more whole circular picture that we wish to paint for you. One in which at the center, you are loving yourself. Then taking one step out. You are caring for yourself. Through caring for the physical body. Then going even further.


Well-being has so many facets to it. It’s about the friends you keep, the activities you do, how you spend your time, what it is that you allow into your mind, what you put into your body, the decisions you make on the day today, how you strengthen and grow yourself, your spiritual practices, and much more.

As you can see, living from a place of well-being is a much more well-rounded way of living. And in this we would suggest focusing on well-being instead of just health. Although health plays a very important role. For through well-being, the spirit, mind, and body, all are being deeply nurtured.

And yes, again, we hear you. We know you’ve got so many other things to do. But if you want to experience confidence in these areas, then it’s important for you to understand what that looks like, what it is that you’ve got to do, how it is you can put it into place, and begin crafting your own state of well-being.

For it will look different for each person. And you cannot judge nor point fingers, nor assume what is right for one, will not be for another. Or what is right for you will be so for another. For each and every person is different. And what is important is for everyone to know this on the front end.

Let us dive a little bit deeper now into the crux of this situation. Into the reasons in which you do not experience confidence in your house or well-being.

First of all, many of you were not raised this way. Your parents were running back and forth doing their very best simply to feed you, put food on the table, provide for you, put a roof over your head. They did not have time to establish for you a living example of what it is to make health a priority. Make well-being a priority. And yes, of course, we do not loop everyone into this generalization. But that is simply what it is, a generalization. And these are not usually the priorities of what parents put time and effort into, in teaching their children.

So, you grow up with a lot of bad habits.

Habits like eating foods that are overly processed. Habits like working all the time. Studying all night. Pushing your body to the brink again and again.

Bad habits like not checking in with yourself to see how you’re feeling about something–a new situation or a decision.

Bad habits like looking to the external world to solve your problems instead of realizing that within lies all the wisdom you could ever need.

These too are reasons why you do not experience confidence in these areas. For the world does not teach you to. The world teaches you that only if you look a certain way, talk a certain way, do certain things, have certain things, that you can experience confidence.

But this is false.

For everything is done within you and by the actions that you take. And when it comes to physical health and experiencing well-being, taking action is the number one thing you must do. For you cannot just sit in one place and learn how to cultivate this within yourself. No, action is a requirement to get to where it is that you want to go.

But first, we would suggest to you to not blame, shame, or ridicule yourself in any way. Regardless of where it is that you’re starting, what age, what physical health, what state of well-being.

None of these things matter. For everything prior to now, you were doing your very best. You were trying as you could. Yet you were unable to get to where you wanted to go because there was so much shame involved. Because you allowed everything to be a higher priority. Because you did not realize the utmost importance of taking care of yourself. This plays such a crucial role in allowing you to experience that confidence.

We will share with you a simple example. Just think about when you decide to try a new diet or exercise regimen. And you begin, you kick-off. And for the first several days or weeks, you feel a new kind of high. You feel like things are moving at such a steady pace, and that old version of you has been forgotten or left behind already. Yet you underestimate yourself, all the conditioning that you grew up with. All the ways in which you beat yourself up. These are some of the additives that end up pushing you right back into the place that you were before.

First, you have to be realistic about the changes that you want to make in your life.

Second, you have to be aware of the way that you talk to yourself, especially in moments of weakness or when you are unable to do the thing you know you should do. Perhaps you have a very busy day, and you are unable to exercise yourself. Do not beat yourself up. Instead, give yourself tender loving care and recommit the next day. And the next and the next, doing the very best that you can.

The third thing is to understand that experiencing confidence in these areas takes time. It will slowly build up to a crescendo. It may nosedive for a while before coming back up again. Because you will not always be able to succeed in these areas. But if you lean back on the kindness that you should be showing yourself, the tender loving care that we have encouraged you to step into over the past several weeks, then you will be more equipped to handle this next part of the journey.

For this is of utmost importance. For if you do not feel good in the body in which you reside, it will be very difficult for you to maintain a sense of self-love. To practice it in your life.

For these too are practices of self-love. Each and every one of them. And each and every action that you take can prove to yourself more and more that you are listening, caring, doing your very best.”

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