An Akashic Message About Confidence

It is about coming back to yourself

Ahna Hendrix
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The past few weeks, my entire life has been consumed with the launch of my first course, The Confidence Series, which officially took off last Monday, and has been an incredible success thus far.

The amazing souls who joined showed up with open hearts and transparency, and have completely blown me away. This is an Akashic channeled course and although my Guides showed me how powerful it would be, I had no idea.

I’m beyond grateful to God and my Guides for opening up this path and bringing all the right pieces together.

Because it is a channeled course, the Guides have been leading the way in regards to how everything flows, and one of the first major changes they made was to replace our first meeting, which was initially meant to focus on relationships (boundaries and how we show up) with laying a strong foundation for what confidence is and feels like.

It was one of those #facePalm moments and all I could do was chuckle thinking “duuhhhh”, but hey — I’m grateful to not be leading this course alone.

In our first meeting, we spent time discussing confidence, the significance of it, teaching from the Akasha about what it is and how to reconnect with it, uncovered limiting beliefs, and much more. The meeting was rounded out with an Akashic Activation to assist us in solidifying our intention to reconnect and heal our confidence, in addition to clearing away fears, blocks, and anything else standing in our way.

The main portion of teaching material came from this channeled Akashic message below about confidence. It felt right to share this with my Medium family as I want everyone to understand that confidence is not something we earn — it’s our birthright. And it doesn’t ever leave us — it just gets covered over throughout life. But it’s always here, always with us.

I hope this message encourages you! Please share with me how this resonates — would love to know what stands out for you.

“Confidence is one of those things that never goes away. Yet it rarely rises to the surface because humans stack so much upon it, it has a very difficult time getting to the top.

It can stretch and grow.

It can push its way through so that at moments you get a glimpse of it.

A very tiny moment.

But then it disappears again beneath all your thoughts and ideas. All the weight of the world. The things people say. How they look at you.

It gets stacked upon you stack by stack. And these stacks prevent the Confidence from making its way to the surface.

But Confidence lurks there, beneath all of you and in all of you. You have it within you. It simply needs to be reclaimed. Blocks need to be moved so that it can make its way through. Your lives need to become much simpler for you to feel into this Confidence.

Yes, because when you’re putting yourself in so many places, what is actually left for you? What is left up on your plate, but a glimpse and a glimmer of who you are? For you’ve given it out to everyone else. Yes, you’ve given them a piece of you. Those who are in your life. Those who watch you from afar. Social media. Ways in which people interact with you.

Every channel towards your body siphons off energy at will and then you have nothing left.

Nothing left to invest back into yourself.

However, when one chooses to live a simpler life, Confidence can come to the forefront.

Yes, of course, it can be willed. Yes, of course, it can be tamed. But that kind of Confidence is unbridled and is destined to split at some point. When the things that lay below it crackle and fizzle. When they fall apart.

For that kind of Confidence is built on material wealth in one shape, form, or another. Perhaps it is the way someone looks. Or the amount of money they have in the bank. Or where they come from. But these things can all be broken and with it, someone’s confidence can fall to the ground and become nothing overnight. In an instant. Faster than anyone knows.

But true Confidence takes time. Simplicity. Getting to know oneself.

Yes, it is about the journey. It is about coming back to yourself.

What you knew when you were just a tiny baby — that you belonged. That you were worthy. That you had every opportunity to find your Confidence in this world.

But things have been taken from you along the way. Yes, piece by piece they have been picked from your exterior. Leaving you with nothing for yourself. That is why Confidence is an inside job. It’s one that must be worked on day in, day out.

And no, it’s not necessarily that you have to work hard, but you do have to pay attention to what it is you’re giving your energy. To where it is you’re placing your body. To all the thoughts that come in and out of your head.

However, no need to worry. For this is a lifetime job. It cannot be done overnight. But with the right guidance, there is a way forward for everyone.

It begins and ends with intention.

Do you want to become confident?

Do you want to come to know, see, experience that life will open up for you in the wildest of ways if you can get online and on board with the truth of who you are?

If you can begin opening up and accepting your greatness. If you can set aside the questions, comparisons, all the things that drag you down. And simply open up to what is.

Can you do this? Of course, you can.

For you are capable of all things. But it is certainly something that you must choose. And when you do, your life will change. Not overnight or in the blink of an eye. Although sometimes shifts can happen very quickly, especially in these times. But we want to set the right expectation with you. We want you to know that it will take time. For living on Planet Earth is not easy and as soon as you clear away one box, three more will appear.

They will try to stack over you. Push you down into the ground. And prevent any Confidence from seeping through.

Yet this is your birthright, as this channel has said before. You need not push or pull or do anything to be worthy of it. Other than by recognizing who you are on the inside.

Regardless of what the world says to you. Despite what your family says to you. None of these things matter.

For all they do is simply project what it is that they feel about themselves. All that is important is the way that you feel about yourself. How you choose to show up in the world. How you allow yourself to be seen. How you act when out in public.

These are all things that must come together to be considered, reviewed, questioned.

Sit with these things and ponder them yourself. For this is a beautiful place to start for those who wish to undertake a journey towards Confidence.

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