An Akashic Message About Assumptions

They do Not Help or Assist You

Ahna Hendrix
4 min readJan 8, 2024
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This Akashic message was channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I recommend tuning in for the full-length episode, which includes my personal story and the channeled Akashic Forecast message! Click HERE to listen.

Assumptions, assumptions — we make them every day. About the people we meet, those in our lives, the world around us, and everything in between.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how elevated you’ve become, assumptions play a role in how you perceive the world.

But what if you allowed yourself to change the lens? What if you stepped outside of this perspective and acted from a place of safety and trust?

In a recent podcast episode, I shared a personal and powerful lesson that I learned during the November eclipse portal. My experience wasn’t just an awakening, it was a life-CHANGING process.

And to take it even deeper, I tapped into the guidance from the Akashic Records and channeled through a beautiful message about what assumptions are and how they diminish our human experience.

Living under the law of assumptions only minimizes our everyday lives, adds to the complications of relationships, and keeps us small!

And my Beautiful Soul, there’s no time for playing small.

Are you someone who makes assumptions? How would your life change if you didn’t? This might make you consider it differently.

I pray this message serves and I’d love to hear how it resonates!

What do we most need to know about assumptions and the role that they play in our lives?

“It’s very important to understand that this is a human emotion. One that springs up out of insecurity, out of lack, out of fear. It comes up in the midst of individuals and proceeds to enact or create stories.

Stories that have no foundation and truth, yet are created from the very fear that they might be.

Therefore, when an individual is operating from the place of assumption, they are not only not fully showing up, but they are unable to take into account what it is that is taking place in their everyday life.

This can be very difficult for individuals as it shows up in so many different ways. It can cause great heartache in relationships. It can prevent one from moving forward on their path. From experiencing all that life is, or could be for any one individual. This is a fear-wrapped reaction to whatever it is that is playing out in their everyday life.

And we would greatly advise any individuals who are dealing with assumptions, who readily make them, to take a minute or two to step back and to re-evaluate what it is that is taking place, instead of making assumptions.

How about stepping out to find out?

How about putting yourself in a place of curiosity and service to whatever it is that may arise in front of you?

We understand that there are some assumptions that may keep you physically safe, but we are not speaking into those at this time. For those are not actual assumptions, but are more so intuitive inclinations about where one may need to take precautions about a certain event or person in their life.

It will be up to you to learn how to decipher between the two of these, to question yourself and lean into whether or not your assumption has legs to stand on, or whether it is simply a reaction to whatever is taking place in front of you, in the midst of you at any given moment or time.

But the way that we see this particular emotion is that it is a reaction and is fear-based. Therefore, it often flares up when something takes place within an individual’s life that causes it to either flare up or to act as a protective shield against whatever is taking place.

But know that it doesn’t serve you. It does not help or assist you.

This is a lesson for many people to better question themselves and the ways in which they react to those around them, the world around them. When you have these emotions pop up and/or find yourself in a place where you of reactivity in this way, it is very important for you to challenge whatever it is that is taking place in front of you.

Do not hold back, do not be quiet in these moments, and do not allow your mind to step in and take over. For that is surely what is taking place, when you are acting from a place of assumption.

Take your time with this emotion. Do not hurry past it, otherwise you will miss so much.

When you believe that certain things will go a certain way, when you believe that certain people will react in a certain way, you are putting things in boxes and you are not allowing for the fullness or the serendipity of the moment to take place.

Do not assume that you know what is going on in other people’s lives or how it is that they will react to you. Do not assume that you know better than someone else. Do not assume that you know what is going to take place.

Allow it to be what it is. Open up space for it. And find courage inside to step into the fire. To give it space and room to unfold the way it is meant to.

This is acting in unison with the Universe. This is surrendering to the moment. This is true strength.

Step out of assumptions.

Step into the light.

And see what takes place.”

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