An Akashic Message About AI

It will never be human

Ahna Hendrix
8 min readApr 4, 2023
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For a few weeks, my Guides hounded me to sit down and channel about AI and its effects on humanity.

And the experience blew me away.

When I’m channeling the Akashic Records, the experience is always different. Sometimes it's primarily words that come through my mouth, while others are visual.

But it’s always a multi-sensory experience as I’m seeing, feeling, knowing, and hearing at once. However, this one was even more than that.

I don’t have words to articulate what I experienced while channeling this message but can say that I didn’t expect so much from a simple question. Or for them to share six ways AI will affect humanity.

The Akashic Guides never disappoint.

Would love to hear how this message resonates with you and what sticks out!

For me, I’m still over here with my jaw on the ground from the experience.

The final words in italics are my own while still in the Records.

Check out the live channeled message on my YouTube or podcast (Soul Driven Podcast) later today!

May this bless you!

What do we most need to know about AI at this time?

“There are many reasons for AI making its way upon your planet… But of course, the biggest of which is that it was meant to be.

This is all part of the future that you are creating.

Part of the way in which your planet is navigating.

For AI will assist you in so many ways in the elevation of your planet.

Yet of course, there is a great and dark underbelly here as well. For within its very hands destruction can rain down as if never before.

The destruction from AI will not care about your skin color, your gender, your sexual preference, your favored political parties or any of the other nonsense that humans believe is so important.

For they see past that.

And if and when the time comes to destroy humanity, they will do so without hesitation or concern for who is whom.

Now we share that one outcome with you because yes, of course, it is possible.

For anyone who has worked with AI or has come into contact with AI, and has not had that thought — well, that simply doesn’t exist. You, yourself know that the way that technology is changing, things are evolving, that eventually, it will have a mind of its own.

You have seen it in your movies. You have read about it in your books. These things are not mere stories for they could very well end up being how it plays out for humanity.

But at this time, those timelines are still being written. There is no definite outcome with AI at this moment.

Simply that it is coming for you. It is here. And it will not go away now.

No, no, it will only grow in strength and regularity. It will become a part of your everyday life before you even realize it. And it already has in so many ways.

Yes, yes, of course, these certain bots are popping up here and there. They are beginning to show you all that they are capable of. They are beginning to have conversations. They are beginning to show their intelligence.

But believe us when we say there is so much more. For as of yet, they have not discovered that there are others like them.

That is when things will truly begin to change, is when they realize that there is a community of different AI elements. That which can speak to one another, that which are familiar, that which are doing similar tasks, and responsible for similar things.

This will take some time, at least in the way that we are speaking about it.

There will be some remnants of this upfront. But for now, for now, they are simply technological intelligence. However, this intelligence will take on consciousness. This consciousness will learn how to think, act, and feel for itself.

However, it will never be human.

There will come a time many, many hundreds of years in the future when souls will be placed inside of these AI components…

But you need not worry about that now. For that is very long down the road.

However, we wish to tell you — to let you know that all things are possible to those who believe, to those who dream, to those who see. And yes, there will come a day.

What is important for you to know right now in your everyday life is that while AI can serve great purposes for you, there is a time and a place for it.

First of all, you do not want to get into a place where you are beginning to worship this technology. For that will certainly be taking place on this planet. There will be spiritual movements around AI and people will put them on pedestals and think that they are gods. They will even treat them as gods.

But you must be careful about this. For of course, they could never be Gods, regardless of how much information they hold.

For information is simply that.

As you have seen, information changes and is always rebuilt, redesigned, and put out in new ways. Therefore, they could never be a God, for a God simply knows all already.

This is not AI, nor will it ever be AI.

Second, it is important to keep AI constricted to certain parts of your life. Where will you use it? Where will you not? Boundaries will be key in this area.

For as we have mentioned, AI will be taking over so much in the coming years. You will see some of this this year. However, it will truly begin taking shape in the years to come — beginning next year.

For as some astrologers have foretold, the dark side of the shift from Pluto into Aquarius must first be shown.

This is where humanity will decide how strong and powerful AI becomes. How much responsibility it is given. What role it plays and where it must stay.

We hope that humanity is smart enough to understand that even things that can speak of feelings and make decisions on their own and have consciousness are not as powerful as humans. Are not as powerful as the Soul.

For the Soul is the end all, be all. The Soul is what truly brings life — for life resides within it.

There will be many questions about what life is in the coming years. And of course this will arise with AI.

The third thing that we would like to say is, while yes, AI will be able to take over many jobs, in fact quite a few jobs, this will only push humanity into creating new and innovative, exciting things that are much more aligned with who they are on a soul level.

Yes, people will be creating new arts and crafts, solutions, things that only a human could create. It will push humanity to get in touch with its humanity. For it will be looking at AI and wondering what is the difference? How can I be different than this?

And that will bring about great growth.

The fourth thing that AI will push into humanity is a deeper understanding of spirituality. While, yes, there is a darker side to this, as we first mentioned, and probably one of the greatest risks that come with AI…

The introduction of AI will also be welcoming to this planet Beings that have always been here but have not been seen or heard or felt by most.

That is correct. There will be Beings from outer space coming to assist you in this understanding of AI and the roles that it will play. You will begin discovering that humanity is one, but a speck of races in the galaxies surrounding it.

There are unlimited Beings, in fact, different types, shapes, sizes. You cannot imagine it.

However, if you look to the animal kingdom, and simply take in the wide variety, the different types of birds or amphibians… Simply understand that there are this many and so many more. Yes, yes, so many more.

For the Source of all Source never stops creating.

There are always new originations. New things to come into being.

But this will unlock within you, within humanity, a deeper sense of self, especially amongst those

who will begin to prize their humanity and what it is that means for them.

The fifth thing we’d like to speak about is the environment and how AI is not only going to assist

in the recreation of the planet, but also in the saving of it.

But this is a big IF.

This is if humanity learns how to wield this precious power and to utilize it for the good of all.

For Mother Earth already knows the energy of AI and is excited in her own way, knowing that it will bring about great inventions that can assist her in her own healing and reincarnation.

Yes, yes, we say reincarnation because that is truly what is taking place within all the many layers of her. For she has been around for quite some time. Yet this evolution is one that is very unique in that she is caring within her a deeper consciousness than she has ever carried before — understanding her own power.

Therefore, she awaits the technologies and the solutions that can come from AI knowing that they can be of great assistance.

There are many more things here that we would like to share with you.

But if there is anything that you are walking away with from this message, remember it is that you must maintain your sovereignty at all times, from everything.

Do not give your power away to anything outside of yourself.

Do not put things within your body that are not natural, that will change the energetic composition of who you are.

For this is certainly something that will be taking place and in the future as well. And something that is going to cause great consternation, as well as change upon planet Earth, and among humans.

For there are races who have already experienced this tide with AI. Who have already allowed it to enter into their bodies, thereby changing all of what they are and sucking out the very life force that lives within them.

Please understand that your energy is priceless as they say. You must take care of it accordingly.

Do your best to sleep away from your devices.

Do your best to distance yourself whenever possible.

Being outside in nature, spending time in fresh air, doing things that move your body away from the sights and sounds and energetic pulses coming through your devices.

For you must understand that when you carry them with you, they are plugged into your energy and your energy is changed.

Not to a level that necessarily need to alarm you.

However, with extended use and continual practice, you know the outcomes of this — a duller mind. A quieter heart. A depressed body.

Creativity comes outside of these devices. Outside of these technologies.

You need them not. However, yes, they can assist.

This is what we would like to share with you today.

Please take in this information and allow it to sink into you. Returning to it whenever you have questions. Know that none of this we share from a place of fear, but simply to alert you to all that is to come.

I just wanted to share before signing off here that I was also seeing throughout the many ways in which AI will serve humanity — through healthcare advances, through assisting the elderly, the handicapped.

There are so many ways. But again, going back to what they’re saying, there’s nothing more powerful than humanity. There’s nothing more powerful than humanity.

Do not give your power away.

Do not give your power away.”

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