An Akashic Journey With the Body

It’s Time to Transform our Relationship With the Body

Ahna Hendrix
6 min readMay 5, 2023

Who would you be if you loved your body?

If it felt like your best friend.
If it was safe.
If you understood its language.
How would life be different for you?

It’s Time to Transform our Relationship With the Body

Join me for a 6-week channeled Akashic Record course to:

Develop an understanding of the body

Learn its history

Uncover its uniqueness

Identify its purpose

Demystify how to properly care for & nurture it

Establish an authentic relationship with it

Fall in love


Clarify why the body is our greatest tool for wisdom


My entire life I’ve been told to love my body. To accept it. Care for it.

But I was also told it wasn’t good enough.
That it needed to change.
To ignore its intuition.
To reject its wants and needs.

These conflicting messages created a complicated and painful relationship with my body. I was disconnected and unkind. I saw it as my enemy when it became sick. And I harassed it for not being picture-perfect.

Over the past several years, I’ve done a lot of work with my body. I learned to listen to it more and to be kinder.

But there was still a disconnect. A wall I couldn’t break through that was preventing me from truly loving, accepting, and caring for my body.

Then I realized — I don’t know what the body is!

My mind had plenty of answers to that question, but they weren’t enough to fill my heart.

“How can I love something I know so little about?”

Sure, I could read science/medical journals and magazines or listen to any number of wellness influencers online. But they too share conflicting information.

I wanted to know my body in a different way!
I needed to understand it outside of what I had always been told.
To uncover practical information to assist me in bridging the unknown with what I live inside of every day.

And of course, my guides directed me to the infinite wisdom of the Akashic Records.

Over the past two years, I have learned so much.
Through healing work in my Akashic Restoration sessions with clients and on my own journey, I’ve been given incredible insights into the body, how it works, and the ways to restore it. And I’ll be teaching these methods in the future.

But first, my guides want to take us on a life-changing exploration of the vessel that carries us throughout life.

They want us to come to understand how magnificent and powerful the body is.
To encourage and motivate our work on planet Earth.
To connect us to the rich wisdom inside of it.
To give us a forever home.


Because the world has it all wrong!

From a young age, we’re taught to ignore our body’s wisdom, its wants and needs. And then as we age, we’re told to care for it.

But for many of us, the body is an enormous source of pain or shame. It carries layers of emotions, trauma, and rejection. Therefore, until we understand it, loving it will be difficult!

We must demystify the body to transform our relationship with it.

Our bodies are the greatest source of wisdom we have in this lifetime!

They are NOT meat suits or machines. They are the physical representation of everything we’ve been through in this lifetime and lifetimes past. Of karma, we’re here to release. Of pain that yearns to be healed.

To establish a relationship with our body first takes understanding it.
Having knowledge about what it truly is — outside of our typical 3D comprehension.
And recognizing its purpose in our lives.

Only then can we begin the journey of loving and accepting our bodies.
Of utilizing the compass within.
Of knowing how to make decisions for it.

The world needs the wisdom that comes from YOUR body.

This is where we begin.

Join me on a 6-week Akashic exploration into the body and connecting with it like never before!

How It Works

In this 6-week course, each week you’ll receive new Akashic channeled messages and teachings, and workbooks for integration.

We’ll gather three times during the course to discuss and assimilate the information from the Akashic Records, explore our bodies and their history, and develop a relationship with our body through Akashic guidance.

And we’ll share our discoveries, aha’s, and stories along the way in a safe, private community.

Space is LIMITED. Replays provided within 24 hours (no need to attend live)

*This is a fully channeled course from the Akashic Records and therefore is subject to change

How “An Akashic Journey With the Body” Will Benefit You

Lay the foundation for developing a loving relationship with your body
Assist you in learning how to decipher its language
Demystify what your body is and its role in your life
Uncover karmic ties or blocks with your body
Provide useful and practical information about the body
Outline ways to nurture and care for the body
Disclose information never found in science/medical journals
Clear stagnant energy or blocks preventing you from connecting with your body
Beautiful weekly channeled messages, teachings, and workbooks
A safe, private container for community and sharing

What’s Included

6x Weekly Akashic channeled messages & teaching audios
6x Beautiful Workbooks
3x LIVE sessions (replays provided within 24 hours)
1x Akashic Initiation, 1x Akashic Meditation, 1x Akashic Activation
Supportive & safe community
Lifetime access to the course
All content hosted on Teachable

Course Details

(Dates and Weekly Topics)
*This is a fully channeled course from the Akashic Records and therefore is subject to change

May 29th — WEEK 1: The History of the Body
LIVE Session 1: The Akashic Initiation
What was before the body?
Why was the body created?
How it was created — from a molecular level?

June 5th — WEEK 2: The Purpose of the Body
What is the purpose of the body?
Why is it necessary?
What makes it unique?
What is it here to teach us?

June 12th WEEK 3: The Elements of the Body
LIVE Session 2: An Akashic Guided Meditation to Understand the History & Purpose of Your Body
What’s the difference between mind, body, and spirit?
What are the arms for? Legs for? Upper body for?
Why do we have a brain?
How can we separate the brain and body signals?
How does consciousness operate in us?

June 19th WEEK 4: The Needs of the Body
What are the requirements of the body?
Why does it have these requirements?
What physical activities are the body built for?
How can we honor it in modern times?
Where does disease and disorders come from?
What can we do to properly care for the body?

June 26th WEEK 5: The Relationship Between the Body and the Soul
How does the soul live within a body?
What is the difference between the spirit and the soul?
Why do many feel a disconnection between the body and soul?
What is required to connect the body and soul?
How can the body honor the soul?
What does the soul need from the body?

July 3rd WEEK 6: How to Establish a Relationship With the Body
LIVE Session 3: An Akashic Activation to Heal the Relationship With the Body
How can we establish a relationship with our body?
What does a solid connection with the body look like?
How can we maintain a connection with the body?
What are the benefits from being connected to our bodies?
What are the disadvantages of not being connected to our bodies?

BONUS: Why is the body the greatest source of wisdom in this lifetime? What does that mean? How can we utilize it? How does it speak to us?

Meeting Time

Mondays 7pm -9pm EST


From May 4th — 18th $222 (ends at midnight EST) Sign up HERE!
May 19th — May 26th $333 (ends at midnight EST)

Registration closes May 26th midnight EST. No refunds. Contact me with any questions.

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