Advice for Those in a Relationship With Someone Who Isn’t “Spiritual”

From the Akashic Records

Ahna Hendrix
6 min readFeb 14, 2022
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In the past few years of being an Akashic Record Soul Reader, one question continually surfaces — “How can I be with someone who isn’t “spiritual”?

I think questions like these are so popular because when folks come to the Akashic Records, they’re awakening in some way and questioning everything.

And let’s be honest — when you’re in the midst of an awakening, you want everything around you to support it. You want to geek out on spirituality with people. You want to have someone to attend workshops with or discuss metaphysical topics.

But when your partner isn’t about it, isn’t on the same path, or has no interest in ever being on the same path — big questions start to arise.

Which is completely natural.

I too, have asked the same questions. In fact, I constantly bugged the Records, psychics, and other readers about my relationship for a few years because we were on different spiritual levels.

But I was asking the wrong question…

I used quotation marks around the word “spirituality” because it’s a charged word and your definition of it varies depending on who you are, your background, etc.

The definition I was given is that spirituality is about coming home to who we are, recognizing the god within us all, and having awareness of the world around us.

It’s not aligned with any specific religion or metaphysical modality or practice. Spirituality is about knowing how to connect with ourselves and choosing to do so.

But my definition has evolved many times over the years.

Before my metaphysical awakening, I always associated it with God, i.e. having a personal relationship with God. And don’t worry, “God” is not attached to religion — for me, God is Love.

So for a long time, I questioned someone else’s spirituality by their personal relationship with God/Source/Creator/etc, which made things quite difficult (judgy).

Thankfully, I found my way. But it wasn’t easy and it took a long time. I’m grateful to my partner who didn’t leave me in the midst of so many questions because what we have — although never perfect — is exactly what I need.

For Valentine’s Day, Lover’s Day, Venus Day (actually it’s Monday/Moon day), I wanted to save you the years of frustration and offer up a channeled message from the Akashic Records on this very topic.

Please take what resonates and leave the rest. Either way, I would love to know how this resonates with you.

What advice do you have for anyone who is in a relationship with someone who isn’t “spiritual?”

“Well now, first, we need to define what it is to be spiritual because that can have so many connotations, definitions, depending on who you are, your background, and what it is that you consider to be spiritual.

However, we will harken back to this channel's definition of spirituality which is connecting with one's self, understanding and coming to know the God that is inside of all of you. The eternal love. That overflowing warmth. The kind that opens you up in ways you've never been opened before.

Why yes, this is what we would consider to be spiritual, as well. For the way that she has used it is, has been given to her through the Records, through her time spent in the Records.

Therefore, when we elaborate on this subject, we think it's important to say that differences can either drive a couple apart or bring them together. But what's most important when it comes to any two people is that both are respected for who they are. They are both given the space to grow and be nurtured on their own timeline, in their own way, and in the format that they prefer.

This isn’t going to look the same for everyone. And we know that when anyone begins touching in with the God inside of themselves that it becomes difficult to not want to spread that new awareness all around. You want to experience it with others. You want to talk about it. Breathe it. Live it. Know nothing but It in the moment.

However, there are many times when two people come together and one is on a very different path, but they are still working on their own “spirituality.” They are unearthing the parts of them that must be unearthed in order for their consciousness to rise. For awareness to become a part of their life. And that is not something that can be rushed. Nor is it something that you should rush in another.

If you are truly “spiritual,” then you will allow the path of someone else to unfold naturally as did yours.

And herein lies the dilemma for so many of you who want your partner to meet you exactly where you are. For when you do so you forfeit the ability to have another perspective in your life. To have reasons to continue learning. To do things that don’t come naturally to you.

Yes, it's so important for us to understand that any two make a better one. But when you have someone in your life who is loving, compassionate, supportive, yet doesn’t share your views or want to become entrenched in the things you do, then first you must recognize that there's nothing wrong with them. They are on their own journey; they are walking their own path.

What is most important for you to recognize is your path and this lifetime. Know that especially in the midst of a spiritual awakening, your hunger won’t be satiated by someone who is not on the same wavelength. But know that this wavelength won’t last forever. And if you have someone who’s able to provide you solid ground beneath your feet, a corner to come back to, a hand to slide into, then you've got much more than the world at large and that is to be appreciated.

However, we will say that if there comes a time when two cannot be one, when the path you have taken and the path of your partners are going in opposite directions — then perhaps this is something for you to consider.

But it will require you getting truly, deeply honest with yourself first — about who you are. About what you want. More so what you need. And then making a decision from this place.

Do not try to forgo the other person without first finding great clarity within yourself. Spend the time to be crystal clear so that you do not make a mistake and walk away from something that would still serve all of the general purposes of a beautiful relationship.

Two people do not have the same interest unless one of them decides that they must share this interest with their partner. But if you find yourself in that place, do yourself a favor and think about the importance of difference between two.

The grounding that can come from someone who is placed steadily on the earth, on the planet, and whose head isn’t always in the sky. Give yourself the time to take care with these endeavors and to lead with a heart that does not judge, but simply wishes for the best outcome for you both. Whether together or apart you will be honoring your relationship if you do so.

However, if you lead with judgment or fingers pointed, do expect there to arise some issues. Do know that this is what we consider hypocrisy, in that you are requiring of another what you yourself were able to come to naturally. This is something your planet likes to call religion - where there are laws and rules about how someone else acts, conducts themselves, or controls their life.

Let others be what they are, focus on yourself and you will never go wrong.

Lead with your heart.

Lead with your heart.

Lead with your heart.”

I hope this message is helpful to you. Let me know how this resonates in the comments below!

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