Absolutely loved this. I’ve been going through similar circumstances the past two years (earlier than most thanks to my astrology chart) and it’s been equally brutal and beautiful.

Thankfully, like you, I chose to look inside instead of blaming my relationship—although I still did that plenty of times—and used the madness to redesign my foundation from the ground up. It’s been a heavy time of transformation and I barely recognize the younger me. But now that I’m through the worst of it (fingers crossed), my body and mind are waking up again, and I’m delighted with the woman I’m becoming.

Thank you for sharing such an intimate and yet hugely important message with the world.

This stage of life is actually outlined in our astrology charts and for those willing to check it out, it can be of great assistance and save many marriages to understand what’s really going on versus placing the blame on others.

It wasn’t ever about anyone else - it was always about me.

And cheers to your husband! You’ve clearly got a keeper 😉🙏🏽♥️

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