5 Reasons to Join ‘The Confidence Series’

The World Needs YOU

Ahna Hendrix
4 min readMay 17, 2024
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Registration closes for The Confidence Series on May 18th midnight EST.

If you’re still unsure about whether to join The Confidence Series then here are five POWERFUL reasons!

1. YOU were born confident!

I’m NOT here to fix you. You are a confident person who speaks your mind, makes decisions confidently, isn’t afraid to be yourself, and MUCH more.

But life ambushed you and made you believe in LESS for yourself! It told you that your voice isn’t needed. That you must look a certain way to be accepted. That it’s not safe to be Who You Are.

But that’s not true!

In The Confident Series, the Akashic Records and I are reintroducing you to Who You Are and reminding you of ALLLLL you’re capable of.

It’s a return home!

2. This ain’t no honky-dory “Get confident” course!

HARD no. Slapping on affirmations or trying to force yourself to feel any particular way doesn’t lead to restoration! And it’s working in total opposition to what the subconscious has decided for itself.

Therefore, we’re diving deep into the shadow, into your insecurities, navigating the things you don’t want to talk about, and reprogramming your mind!

This is deep work. Want something that just makes you feel good — this ain’t it!

TRUE healing comes through addressing the shadow.

3. You won’t find this information ANYWHERE!

The Akasha doesn’t regurgitate information from the internet or self-help gurus. The Confidence Series is a FULLY channeled Akashic Record course that dives into every main area of your life to assist you in understanding your hangups and provides soul-based information about how to navigate them.

For six jam-packed weeks, you’ll receive Akashic readings, Akashic teachings, Akashic activations, tapping sessions, self-inquiry guidance, workbooks & MUCH more!

Not only will you gain a deep understanding of these issues from a soul level, but you’ll learn how to manage them from an energetic level.

The Akasha goes to the root and it can’t be duplicated!

4. The World Needs YOU!

I’m not trying to hype you up or make you feel good — it’s TRUE. The Akasha prompted me to host this course again because the world needs YOUR help — your gifts and talents, your voice, and all that makes you YOU.

As a collective, we are in unprecedented times and it’s only going to ramp up. Therefore we need more assistance to support the shift, spread light, and guide others.

But FIRST, you gotta help yourself.

The Confidence Series provides the information, tools, and practices to change your life NOW and for years to come. If you feel called to this course — LISTEN — it’s coming from your soul!


Can you do this work alone? Absolutely! But the accountability, being seen and loved, and having space to share Who You Are is PRICELESS.

It’s easy to think you’re the only one who struggles with the voices in your head or self-sabotages when life is going great, but you are NOT.

Digging into your raw places amongst a safe, private community is one of the most powerful aspects of The Confidence Series! EVERY person has life-changing stories and wisdom to share, and therefore you aren’t just learning from me and the Akasha, but also from the beautiful souls attending the course!

Why walk through the fire alone when you can do it with others cheering for you along the way?

6. BONUS: I won’t teach The Confidence Series LIVE again!
After hosting The Confidence Series, it will be converted to a self-study course so it can be taken at ANY time. I want it to be readily available to anyone who feels called!

BUT for many of us, participating in a LIVE course makes a BIG difference in how integrated it becomes. I don’t join self-study courses because I like the accountability in a live container, I enjoy annoying the teacher with lots of questions, AND the community aspect is everything.

But if you prefer self-study courses, GREAT — it will be available in the coming months!


As of today, 15 Beautiful Souls have signed up to take The Confidence Series journey and I would LOVE to have you join us!

Learn more about the course HERE — registration ends TOMORROW midnight EST.

Don’t forget, “When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.”

Thank you for reading! Check out The Confidence Series: A Healing Journey With the Akasha, starting May 20th. Learn about the Akashic Records or join my newsletter community for resources, workshop & course updates, and more!



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