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4 Insights Gained Halfway Through 28 Days of Published Writing

When I decided to publish a daily blog for the month of February, I knew it would be fun. That it would push me to create in short bursts of time. And that it would force me to make published writing a priority again.

I care too much what other people think.

When I first embarked on this personal challenge, one of the promises I made to myself was to write for myself — without concern for what others thought and without attachment to the outcome.

“Good enough” is GREAT.

It’s been highly liberating to push through my innate perfectionism (i.e. hopes of bypassing shame) and click Publish on a “good enough” blog each day.

“Notification Addiction” Runs Rampant Across All Platforms.

I took a social media break for the month of January and it was so epic that I decided to extend it into the month of February. Btw, THOSE insights are coming soon.

It’s empowering to share whatever I want to share.

Yes, I’m a people pleaser. I care what others think. I am highly aware of other people’s thoughts of me and around me at all times. Thanks, empathic nature.

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