28 Days of Published Writing Starts NOW

I like challenges. I like doing things that make me feel nervous. And I really like doing things that stretch me, especially if there’s a high probability of failure.

But I’m no superwoman. I simply enjoy jumping off cliffs.

And it’s time for another one. PUBLISH.

First, let me share the three challenges that I’ve already undertaken in 2021:

  1. No drinking or good green for 90 days. It was a challenge my partner threw out in December and by that time, my entire being was screaming YES. After not drinking for the whole of 2019, it felt boring in 2020 until the final months. November changed everything. Prior to that, I had drunk once a week, maybeeeee twice. But all bets were off in November. I experienced a rebellious, wild streak that had me poppin’ bottles at noon and saying f&$# it more days than I would like to admit. The Covid depression had finally smashed down my front door, like the majority of the world. And I did NOT handle it well, haha. Finally, the good green, well, that’s never been a big deal — more like a fun treat every once in a blue moon. But neither are great numb-ers so I was excited to lay them aside for a while.
  2. In December, I decided to take off a month from my podcast, the Soul Driven Podcast — launched in March 2020 (right as we were going into lockdown — not part of the original plan). On the podcast, I explore the intersection between living a soulful and spiritual life in a driven world. Because that’s what I do every day — all in an effort to fully become, Soul Driven. But I needed a break. Podcasting is HARD. I love it, don’t get me wrong. But it’s hard. Time-consuming. And I decided to honor myself over what conventional marketing wisdom would suggest.
  3. AND THEN, I realized that a break from my podcast meant I could also take a break from social media. And my heavens, IF YOU ONLY KNEW how exciting that was to me… I’ve owned a marketing agency since 2012 and social media marketing was our main service until July 2020 when I finally pulled the plug. Prior to last month, the longest I’ve been off social media was 4–5 day stints during my yearly vacation to a monastery. For YEARS, I’ve marveled enviously at people who pulled the plug without it affecting their paycheck and was patiently waiting for my moment.

The podcast & social media break was so EPIC that I decided to take February off, too. You’ll be getting the full rundown of what EPIC means very soon…

Ironic (or not) enough, after clearing my schedule with the February extension, a challenge arrived in my inbox via a (hah!) Medium article. It was a story about a woman who published articles every day for 25 days and made MILLIONS! Not really, but there were all kinds of fabulous returns.

My intuition started nudging me…

As I’ve mentioned in older blogs, I’m first and foremost a writer. I’ve had a journal since I was seven and write nearly every morning. It’s how I deal with life, my mind, and process scary emotions. It’s the friend I can always trust — who never judges me, regardless of what I share or my bad grammar. Hah.

But it’s been hard to publish anything for many years now…Why? A billion reasons I won’t bore you with. Mainly, I haven’t made it a priority.

However, I’ve got a minimum of two books and tons of articles that are dying to be written, and so much more to say.

So I’m welcoming the challenge to write and publish here every day in February. I’m not doing it to get rich, grow my email list, or be cool. I’m doing it because my ass needs to get back in the habit of putting thoughts into words AND being responsible for them. To practice. And to share all that’s been bubbling up since I took a break from the infamous scrollllll.

Hint: Need more creativity in your life? Take a break from social media. Like, WOAH.

Anyway, here’s my promise. I’m going to write whatever comes to me each day. To be personal, open, vulnerable — REAL — with this writing. To share whatever comes to mind — life, sex, facial cream — whatever. Some days will be better than others but regardless, my goal is to show up every day, be REAL, and hit Publish.

It won’t be easy. My agency just launched a new product. My partner and I are taking a weeklong trip to visit a city we’re moving to. I’m rebranding my podcast, recording shows… And on and on.

There’s a LOT that’s happening in February.

But I like challenges. And this one… well, I’m excited to see how it goes.

See you tomorrow!



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Ahna Hendrix

Ahna Hendrix

Spiritual Guide. Intuitive Channel. Podcaster. When you invest in yourself, the world benefits. Check out my Soul Driven Podcast http://ahnahendrix.com