2023 Akashic Forecast: Empower The Self

For Nothing Will be Able to Escape That Which is Coming in 2023

Ahna Hendrix
7 min readDec 28, 2022
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This is the Akashic Record Forecast for the year 2023 as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

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We have quite a year ahead. One that will bust open the seams of our old beliefs, push us into new territory, and invite us to become more powerful than we’ve ever been.

But to do so, we must accept the initiation.

We must decide to walk the road.

And we must do the work.

For nothing will come without spiritual dedication in 2023.

“ There is a wind that rides

and rides and rides, higher and higher

before falling flat on its face.

Yes, it seems as if the energy is going to rise and fall.

Rise and fall. Rise and fallllll…

For this falling. Oh, this falling. Why, yes, it’s going to carry so many lessons.

Yes, it’s going to teach you so much about how to be and exist in a world that is breaking in half.

On a playground that has lost all its toys.

On a surface that is slippery and wet.

On a foundation that is yet to be rebuilt.

This, THIS is 2023. The epicness of it, the bigness of it, the openness of it is beginning to find its way, seeping in before it fully blows open.

Yes, yes–this blowing open is going to be of such epic proportions that it’s going to be difficult for you to remember how to tie your shoelaces. To do the everyday things.

But friends. Oh friends, it will be, oh, so important for you to remember how to do them.

For they will be the things that bring you back down to earth. That help you to reside in a place where it seems as if everything is up in the air.

Nothing is decided, yet there is so much taking place. It will be chaos and colorful. It will be anger and mire, pain, disbelief, heartache. While also energetic and lightning, frightening, and all out exhausting.

There’s going to be plenty of the good here mixed with the bad. Not that we relate in those terms, but we know that you do.

For the division that is currently in place on planet Earth will continue taking place. Yet that divide will become deeper and deeper and you will begin to see its fault lines. You’ll begin to realize that it does not serve you nor mankind.

It will pull from you, from the very, very depths of you — the emotions, the things that you have carried with you for lifetimes. The ways in which you have tried to be and appear that do not work. Not just for you, but for mankind in general.

There will be so much breaking that it will be difficult to see the creating, yet it will be taking place.

For this is a year of foundations. This is a year when things begin shifting in a new direction. When the wind of equality, of totalness, of love begins blowing in your face. You’ll catch moments and breaths of it.

You will be filled by it at different intervals, and you will come face to face with it.

But then it will be lost. It will disappear. It will seep its way down into the earth. While you are meant to deal with the wreckage that is in front of you. Relationships will be breaking apart, just as systems will, too.

For nothing will be able to escape that which is coming in 2023.

No, nothing. There will be no rock, no hiding place, no dark corner where you can tap out of everything that will be here.

For your plate is growing heavier, even as you move towards it. But know that all of this is serving a purpose, as it always has been. For mankind and Mother Earth are waking and shaking. Eyes will no longer be able to close and yet bodies will be drenched in exhaustion. In exhaustion.

It will be key for you to learn the ways in which you can rebuild yourself quickly, so that you can step back out on the field. So that you can enter the fray. So that you can be of use to yourself and those around you.

This will be a year for finding your place among the crowd. For hearing your voice louder than ever before. For reconnecting with hearts. For settling into an ease, even in the midst of so much dis-ease of the mind, of the body.

For this will bring great chaos. Great chaos that you have not seen before. Truly many will rise and even more will fall. Yes, there will be great mass exits on this planet. Souls will be leaving in mass once again, but that is simply to lighten the load.

To make more space for there to be love and light, ease and quickness for the days to come. It’s almost as if this year will break you, yet it will build you stronger than ever before.

Those who choose to take on this initiation, to step into this portal, to continue forward with their eyes and hearts open will benefit in ungodly ways.

We say ungodly for that is how your world wishes to view them. But they are anything but ungodly. In fact, these so-called ungodly ways are simply the material, that which takes place upon the material.

Do you wish to change lives? Do you wish to open hearts? Do you wish to make a difference in your everyday life?

For if you do, this will be the time. This will be the year.

Yet at the same time, you will need to hold on tight for everything will be shaking beneath your feet. If you do not have a spiritual practice, a dedicated place where you spend your every day, then this is the last call…

For of course, it can be done at any point in time. But it will become more and more difficult for you to regain that steady ground. To find your place upon it.

Put these practices into use now. Do not wait any longer.

Know that those who fall around you, must. Know that those who lose their lives, must. Know that those who find their voice, their fingertips, the flash of their eyelashes will do so in energetic movement towards the betterment of everyone else.

Yes, there will be strange things that happen this year, for so much will be taking place across the globe.

There will be once again great and even greater–in fact, so much greater episodes of Mother Nature. Forces of wind like never before. Not on record, that is. For many of these things have taken place before, but are not remembered by those who walk the planet.

For the Earth must go through her cycles and change. She must reawaken in the way that most benefits her, even as she begins rebalancing this planet. Through winds and storm water, floods, fire–all that will be taking place. Please give her your love at every possible interval. Please seek to nourish and care for her as she is going through great pains to step into this New Earth.

And it brings her great sadness to wash away so much.

But it must take place. For you see that cycles are what they are. They all have purpose. Brush must be burned so that new life can be rebuilt, stronger, deeper, hardier.

This is not going to be a year for the softhearted who cannot use their voice, their mind, their heart, their bodies for the betterment of all.

But know that even though we speak primarily in collective ways, that all of this too will be taking place on the personal.

And that here in lies the focus for the year ahead — the personal.

For this year is truly all about you and what it is that you will do with it.

What doors you will open. What grass you will tread upon. What things you will enact. What you will say. What you will give yourself the freedom to do. This is the year to take life by the reins.

This is a year to open yourself up. This is the year to go for it.

For truly the planet is simply a representation of all that is happening within you. Have you not seen this yet? Have you not realized that your experience of the world is your own? That each and every world is stacked upon one another? All making a whole, all making a one. Yet each one in between makes a difference.

Is equally important.

Allow yourselves not to get weary in the tidal waves, the tornadoes, all that is coming your way,

both in a literal and a physical sense.

Give yourself up to the Universe.

Stop running away from God.

Stop giving your time and energy to things that do not feed you.

That do not feed your soul.

Place your hands together in gratitude for each and every day that you are given, and all that you are here to experience.

For truly, this is a beautiful time on planet Earth.

A time in which you chose to appear.

Do not lose sight of this.

Do not lose sight of that spiritual connection.

Anchor yourself down.

Tie yourself in

and get ready

for the ride

that is


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