100% agree on how the script gets flipped once $$$ is involved, especially in relation to the mind. I had already been an entrepreneur for over a decade when my Guides started telling me what my new life was going to be about. Honestly, I didn’t want anything to do with it. I hadn’t started reading the Akashic Records or any of the other modalities to earn money - it was to satiate my curiosity and follow my joy. I fought hard and long because it didn’t seem like a sustainable lifestyle compared to my other business, but they didn’t give up. Two years later and my life looks completely different. But the mental fight over $$$ was crazy - totally unexpected. I had already overcome money insecurities with my first biz so it was wild to see it not only return but be much stronger this time around. The money/mind debacle could be a great subject to expand on with suggestions for overcoming it. I’m sure you’ve got plenty to share and many would be grateful. Looking forward to what else you have to share 😊🙏🏽

Spiritual Guide. Intuitive Channel. Podcaster. When you invest in yourself, the world benefits. Check out my Soul Driven Podcast http://ahnahendrix.com

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